2016-2017 Staff

kaleigh eason

kaleigh eason

On November 17 elementary had their annual Thanksgiving feast.We invited parents and grandparents to join us and give thanks!

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Samuel Sirmons

CIA and Pirate Pride Writer and Editor

Samuel Sirmons is our writer and editor over our Pirate Pride and CIA section of The Pirates Chest Newspaper. He is excited to bring the Word of God into our school Newspaper and showing the Pirates who show the living em...

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Justine Loechel

Volleyball and Student Life Writer and Editor

    Justine Loechel is our writer and editor of our Volleyball and Student Life section of The Pirate's Chest Newspaper. She is excited to take a part in our Newspaper for the year and is very enthusiastic about...

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Tabitha Martin

Agricultural and New Teachers Writer and Editor

  Tabitha Martin is one of our many writers over the Agricultural and new teachers of Spurger ISD section of The Pirates Chest Newspaper. She is quiet until you get to know her and is sporty and fun! She plans to play...

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Jacob McFarland & Kyle Mott

Track and Basketball Writers and Editors

    Jacob McFarland and Kyle Mott are our writers and editors for our Track and Basketball section of the Pirate's Chest Newspaper. They are very comical and social and have so many friends because of their happy-go...

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Dalton Holley

Agricultural Writer and Editor

Dalton Holley is our writer for our Agricultural section of the Pirate's Chest Newspaper. He is very experienced in animals, plants and the Agricultural side of Spurger High School. He is very social and friendly and loves what...

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Hannah Balla


Hannah is the writer for Agriculture and new teachers of Spurger ISD. Having her as the Agriculture is perfect since she shows her heifer, Paisley! She is dedicated and excited to bring an experienced side to the Ag section...

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Gracie Greenwood

Editor, Volleyball writer

Gracie Greenwood is one of our Editors and our volleyball sports writer. She is a sophomore here at Spurger ISD. Gracie runs cross country and plays basketball and softball.  She is very excited about being an editor for the ...

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Kaleigh Eason


          Kaleigh is the writer for Agriculture and new teachers. She is goofy and will constantly bring a smile to your face! Miss Eason's goal for this years newspaper is to brin...

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Lauren Griffin


Lauren is the writer for the staff column. She is our writer and editor of our Staff members new and old. She is upbeat and fun to be with and friendly making her a perfect advocate to write about our teachers of Spurger High School. ...

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Christian Kotara


Christian is the writer for Volleyball, Basketball, Robotics, and One Act Play. He brightens your day with his enthusiastic personality! Christian's goal is to bring an artistic perspective to the Pirate's Chest Newspaper....

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Coach Moore


Coach Moore is our Newspaper editor. She is very positive, outgoing and ecstatic to be the new head of The Pirate's Chest Newspaper taking Mrs.McInnis' position after quite a few years of service. She plans to bring a new era to ...

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Hannah Grissom

Softball and Staff Writer

Hannah Grissom is our writer and editor of our Staff and Softball section of The Pirate's Chest Newspaper. Her goal is to capture the positive energy of our soaring Softball players and our great Staff members of Spurger ...

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